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 - s.m. srl - finned tubes
claim to have your finned tubes by s.m. claim to have your finned tubes by s.m. ...

 finned tubes, fin tube & finned pipe manufacturer ...
Fin Tube Products manufacturers finned tubes, fin tube, and finned pipe used in heat exchangers, boiler economizers, coolers and heaters.

 finned tubes - wieland thermal solutions
Finned tubes made by Wieland Thermal Solutions are produced from plain tubes that have undergone a forming process. They serve as highly efficient, compact, yet extremely stable heat exchangers. The surface of the tubes is perfectly matched to your intended application.

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 finned heat exchanger tubes | profins
Manufactured exactly as the 'L' finned tube except that the base tube is knurled before application of the fin foot. After application, the fin foot is knurled into the corresponding knurling on the base tube thereby enhancing the bond between the fin and tube, resulting in improved heat transfer characteristics.

 why use finned tubes? – vulcan finned tubes
Finned tubes are used in applications involving the transfer of heat from a hot fluid to a colder fluid through a tube wall. The rate at which such heat transfer can occur depends on three factors: (1) the temperature difference between the two fluids; (2) the heat transfer coefficient between each of the fluids and the tube wall; and (3) the ...

Be.Tube Srl offers different finned tubes: tension wound finned tubes, embedded finned tubes and extruded finned tubes. Tension wound finned tubes are formed by winding a strip made of aluminium or copper around the tube under tension. The strip winding technology provides different types of fins: L-Fin, LL-Fin, KL-Fin.

 low-finned tubes - wieland thermal solutions
GEWA-KS and Turbo Chil low-finned tubes. In GEWA-KS tubes, a special pattern is formed on the inside of the tube. This is ideal for scenarios with a low-heat transfer coefficient on the tube side, or an equally low-heat transfer coefficient on both sides.

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