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 12 different types of heat exchangers & their application [pdf]
A heat exchanger is a system that is very important for transferring heat from one medium to another (liquid, vapor, or gas). Heat exchangers are used in both situations where cooling or heating is required. According to the type of heat exchanger used, the heat transfer process can be carried out as gas to gas, liquid to gas, or liquid to liquid.

 heat exchangers calculation and selection - intech gmbh
The general formula for calculating the hydraulic resistance, created by heat exchangers, is as follows: ∆Р п = (λ· (l/d) + ∑ζ) · (ρw 2 /2) Where ∆p п – pressure loss [Pa]; λ – coefficient of friction; l – tube length [m]; d – tube diameter [m]; ∑ζ – sum of local resistance coefficients; ρ – density [kg/m 3 ]; w – flow velocity [m/s].

 heat exchanger calculation | sacome
A heat exchanger is an energy exchange system (in the form of heat) between a hot and a cold fluid. In practice, all the thermal duty of the hot fluid (fc) is transferred to the cold fluid (ff), thereby fulfilling the next energy balance:

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 emmegi | heat exchangers
“ Design and manufacture of heat exchangers “ Azienda Emmegi S.p.A. è una azienda italiana specializzata, che opera nel settore oleodinamico come produttore di scambiatori di calore, utilizzati nei settori dei macchinari industriali, delle macchine mobili, dei compressori d'aria, dei motori termici … Per saperne di più Le nostre filiali

 tubular heat exchangers: usage & working principle | linquip
The tubular heat exchanger is a process equipment used in different industries, and its applications are very diverse and varied. The advantages of tubular heat exchangers make them very robust, reliable and low maintenance equipment, due to the absence of joints.

 air cooled heat exchangers - fbm hudson italiana
Air Cooled Heat Exchangers are typically used when plant location and ambient conditions do not allow an easy and economic use of other cooling systems. The most important advantages of Air Cooled Heat Exchangers are: No need of cooling water or other cooling media. No problems associated with thermal and chemical pollution of cooling fluids

 danfoss sondex®
We design our heat exchangers in close cooperation with our customers to perfectly match the thermal requirements of any duty. Throughout the years we have developed what has become the largest plate portfolio in the world. Having an option for every application and duty enables us to fine-tune each solution to the specific task at hand.

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