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 oil coolers - akg group
AKG LightWeight Cooler Oil (LCO) is an air cooled single-shot brazed aluminium cooler with no welding. The complete cooler is brazed as one single unit enabling short lead time for manufacturing. 100% aluminum construction offers a lightweight and robust design Few production process and less manufacturing time

 oil coolers - raal
RAAL designs and manufactures aluminum brazed oil coolers using the following constructive solutions: plate&bar, shell, brazed plates and in-tank, tube&fin. More information about RAAL oil coolers

 oil cooling system: transformer oil air coolers | kelvion
A cooler variant for low production costs due to modular build up. Designed to meet standard projects requirements and some additional specifications. The Kelvion TOAC Premium: For more than 80 years, we have manufactured transformer oil air coolers of galvanized steel construction.

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 oil coolers - mocal
(Example: 8.8 x 16 (tubes) x 95 (etd) = 13376 watts at 13.4 kilowatts) Calculate oil out of cooler temperature which is arrived at by deducting the heat dissipated multiplied by a constant of 39 divided by the oil flow rate from oil temperature in to cooler (Example: 120 - (13.4 x 39 / 29) = 102°C)

 oil coolers – riem italy usa
We produce our spare parts using a coupling system of tubings and plates through TIG welding or a rolling expansion process. We can certify most of the parts we produce. When required we can produce mantles in stainless steel for the tubings. Our Products (1614872000) Oil Cooler ZR 5-6 (1623712000) Oil Cooler ZR 160 VSD

 oil cooler - taiwan high-quality oil cooler manufacturer | camel ...
Oil cooler Heat exchangers, Oil coolers, DT series Fin Tube Oil Cooler, HS series Oil Cooler CML's products are widely used in all kinds of manufacturing machinery, metal processing machinery, mobile machinery, hydraulic systems, servo systems, and integrated hydraulic oil and electricity application.

 facing frequent machine break downs? check your oil coolers - serck
Serck designs and manufactures oil coolers of various construction types. Based on your data of oil flow, oil viscosity and load we can design and manufacture an oil cooler specifically designed and built for your application. These can enhance the life of your critical equipment and save you money with longer uptime for your machines.

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