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 perfectsamplegas – emission monitoring for industrial plants
Extension of PSG Gas Cooler Solution Portfolio: The new MAK Basic 13. December 2022 | What we do ... of emissions as well as the fast and highly available measurement of industrial processes to secure and optimize production plants are a key for a sustainable future. As the PSG team, we make a special contribution to this every ...

 gas coolers 101: performance in production facilities - pro gas, llc ...
Gas Coolers 101: Examining Performance in Production Facilities. Posted on: 04. 25. 18. Natural gas coolers are very common and practical tools in the oil and gas industries. These tools are heat exchangers that reduce gas and liquid temperatures to safe levels.

 performance investigation of the co2 gas cooler designs and its ...
The gas cooler rejects heat from the superheated refrigerant gas to ambient air without condensation in single phase heat transfer process. The understanding of its performance parameters under different conditions and control strategies is essential to adequately design and optimise for specific applications.

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 gas cooler - thermokey
Performance range: Table-type: 4 to 10 fans, capacity up to 600 kW. V-type: 4 to 12 fans, capacity up to 1200 kW. Fans: 800-910 diameter AC/EC fans. Heat Exchanger: The heat exchangers of the ThermoKey gas cooler guarantee operating pressures of 120bar. Finned pack heat exchangers with copper pipes. Stainless steel manifolds.

 gas cooler - thermkey
Home. Products. Gas Coolers. In order to best meet the needs of efficiency and lower environmental impact, in industrial refrigeration and air conditioning plants, Thermokey is able to offer the best solution to specific needs with the heat exchangers dedicated to the widespread CO2 market.

 gas cooler - thermokey
Ambito di utilizzo: Refrigerazione commerciale (supermercati) Refrigerazione industriale (produzione, confezionamento e distribuzione) Vantaggi: La struttura a V permette di ridurre gli ingombri di installazione. Il sistema a pannelli evaporativi aumenta la capacità e l’efficienza dei sistemi transcritici a CO 2.

 understanding functions in different types of natural gas coolers
Po-Gas carries gas coolers in two sizes, the EH-60 Cooler, and the EH-108. Each of our coolers are equipped with the industry-standard features necessary for using a natural gas cooler at your natural gas production facility .

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