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 economizer - wikipedia
Economizers (US and Oxford spelling), or economisers (UK), are mechanical devices intended to reduce energy consumption, or to perform useful function such as preheating a fluid.The term economizer is used for other purposes as well. Boiler, power plant, heating, refrigeration, ventilating, and air conditioning uses are discussed in this article.

 produzione di tubi alettati a cernusco sul naviglio - milano
SCAMBIATORI DI CALORE A TUBI ALETTATI L’opportunità di utilizzare i tubi alettati negli impianti di riscaldamento e refrigerazione è ormai indiscussa, per la possibilità di ottenere, con minime dimensioni d’ingombro, elevate superfici riscaldanti o refrigeranti. LONGONI ENGINEERING è specializzata nella produzione di tubi con alettatura spiroidale.

 economizer heat exchanger - geurts heat exchangers
An economizer is a type of heat exchanger that recovers heat from flue gasses to preheat fluids or puts it to use in another part of the production process. This recovery process saves on fuel consumption and costs, as well as it reduces the CO2 emission. SAVE BOILER ENERGY CONSUMPTION

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 economizer - all industrial manufacturers - directindustry
Economizers 23 What’s new? Manufacturers A ACTE (2) Alfa Laval (1) ATTSU TERMICA S.L. (2) B Babcock Wanson (1) C Cleaver-Brooks (7) E Ekin Industrial (1) Ekotek Heat Technology (1) F FRICK Industrial Refrigeration (1) H HEPHΑESTUS BOILER MAKERS & ENGINEERING (1) HEXONIC CZ s.r.o. (1) K Kelvion Germany GmbH (1) P PROODOS INDUSTRIAL BOILERS (1) S

 (pdf) condensing economizers for large scale steam boilers - researchgate
The condensing economizer is characterized with a very high heating capacity of 21 to 23.5 Gcal/h and will cool the fuel gases from 123°C down to 47°C. The utilized heat will be used to heat ...

 (pdf) energy, exergy and exergoeconomic analysis of a ... - researchgate
Conversely, in the system with an economizer, the optimal pressure value for the production cost rate is 322.4 kPa, resulting in a cost rate of 23.57 $/GJ. The investment cost function of ...

 heat recovery steam generator (hrsg) - technology transfer services
HRSG Design The function of the combined cycle heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) system is to provide a method to extract sensible heat from the combustion turbine (CT) exhaust gas stream. The heat is converted into usable steam by the heat transfer surfaces within the HRSG.

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