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 bare tube evaporator: bare tube evaporator
Bare-tube evaporators work well as a D-X and flooded evaporators. They are most often used in refrigerating work where space temperature is below 34F. In such applications, saturated temperature of the refrigerant in the evaporator below 28F, which is the approximate temperature that will turn condensation on the surface of the evaporator in the frost.

 types of evaporators: bare tube, plate evaporators, finned ...
The evaporators used for the refrigeration and the air conditioning applications have different types of construction depending on the application. Based on their construction the various types of evaporators are: 1) Bare tube evaporators, 2) Plate type of evaporators, 3) Finned evaporators and 4) Shell and Tube type of evaporators.

 application of bifurcated bare-tube heat exchanger on ...
2518, Page 1 17th International Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Conference at Purdue, July 9-12, 2018 Applicability of A Bifurcated Bare-tube Heat Exchanger . in Water-based Hybrid VRF System . Zhiwei Huang, Ransisi Huang, Jiazhen Ling, Vikrant Aute, Yunho Hwang*

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 design optimization of bare tube heat exchanger for the ...
The purpose of the study is to investigate a bare tube heat exchanger (BTHX) to overcome LFHX problems while maintaining heat transfer and air-side pressure drop performance. In this context, heat transfer performances for both LFHX and BTHX were measured experimentally, and the numerical model of the heat exchanger was developed and validated.

 bill's plasma tubes gallery
Plasma Tubes Currently Available For Use With the SSQ/PA 3 & SPA4/5 Amplifiers, and theRife/Bare, EMEM 3 and Similar Systems The '39 Phanotron tube is a duplicate (with the exception of the end caps) of the Phanotron tube that came with the original 1939 Beam Ray Machine.

 spectrotek services home page
Since 1997 we have been experimenting with Rife plasma tube systems, starting with the earliest 27 MHz equipment developed by Dr. James Bare, D.C. Because of our many years of experience with radio frequency equipment and transmitters, we felt we could make improvements in the radio frequency design of the equipment.

 james bare resonant frequency therapy -- similar to ...
As an example - by using a high power Rife/Bare instrument with an ozone and UV producing plasma tube, one can effectively treat mold infestations and purify water. Water treatment with UV is not new, but use of UV and ozone emitting tubes that are driven at hundreds, if not thousands of watts of power offer is new , and offers an untapped potential.

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