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 bare tubes systems - longoni engineering
Bare tube coils are coils that have tubes only without fins. Fins provide most of the heat transfer area and are responsible for most of a coil’s capacity. However, the problem with fins is that they can get blocked with particulate in the air stream, which is problematic for coils that have a tight fin spacing, below 8 fins per inch.

 bare tubes - agetherma
Bare tubes in stainless steel and carbon steel are used in Agetherma heat exchangers. The outer diameters range from 18 to 38 mm. Example applications: Heating of dust-laden or dirt-laden air as well as during the cooling or desuperheating of dust-laden or dirt-laden air and the dehumidification of air. Stainless steel/ carbon steel bare tubes:

 dbm s.p.a. - bare tube heat exchangers
Bare tube heat exchangers Bare tube heat exchangers: For high temperatures (over 300°C) or for applications in which airborne particles like fibres, oil or dust may obstruct the coil face area. Specifically manufactured for hospital, clean room or pharmaceutical applications. Available in different diameters, thicknesses and materials.

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 bare tube heat exchanger / universal hydraulik gmbh
Bare Tube Heat Exchanger Despite hybrid-design, an important alternative Depending on the customer’s application, a bare tube shell & tube heat exchanger from Universal Hydraulik is the better choice. High viscosities, or fluids with small particles, may clog the fins used for the hybrid-design. CKM-bare tube heat exchanger

 bare tube evaporator coils | advanced coil technology, llc
Advanced Coil designs and manufactures bare tube coils using the following materials: Stainless Steel Carbon Steel Exotic Materials Tubing Coil Size & Wall Thickness Product Gallery Resources Advanced Coil Warranty 148.1 KiB DOWNLOAD Click here to request a quote or call us today at 507.451.0130 Request a Quote

 505 - replacement skidtube - standard (bare tube) | dart aerospace
DART’s B505 skid tubes are constructed with patented I-Beam technology, which combines the conventional round tube with the strength of the central I-Beam. In DART Aerospace skid tubes, the central I-beam web absorbs most of the impact on landing so the tube maintains its integrity.

 types of evaporators: bare tube, plate evaporators, finned evaporators ...
Bare Tube Evaporators The bare tube evaporators are made up of copper tubing or steel pipes. The copper tubing is used for small evaporators where the refrigerant other than ammonia is used, while the steel pipes are used with the large evaporators where ammonia is used as the refrigerant.

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