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 types of evaporators: bare tube, plate evaporators, finned ...
Bare Tube Evaporators. The bare tube evaporators are made up of copper tubing or steel pipes. The copper tubing is used for small evaporators where the refrigerant other than ammonia is used, while the steel pipes are used with the large evaporators where ammonia is used as the refrigerant.

 design optimization of bare tube heat exchanger for the ...
Huang et al. experimentally investigated the airside thermal and hydraulic performance of a compact bare tube heat exchanger, which consists of 484 bare tubes with an outer diameter of 0.8 mm. They showed that the BTHX could achieve the same heat capacity with 72% less envelop volume and 70% less material volume compared to with a louvered-fin and flat-tube heat exchanger having the similar frontal surface.

 design optimization of bare tube heat exchanger for the ...
The purpose of the study is to investigate a bare tube heat exchanger (BTHX) to overcome LFHX problems while maintaining heat transfer and air-side pressure drop performance. In this context, heat transfer performances for both LFHX and BTHX were measured experimentally, and the numerical model of the heat exchanger was developed and validated.

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 bare tube evaporator: bare tube evaporator
Bare-tube evaporators work well as a D-X and flooded evaporators. They are most often used in refrigerating work where space temperature is below 34F. In such applications, saturated temperature of the refrigerant in the evaporator below 28F, which is the approximate temperature that will turn condensation on the surface of the evaporator in the frost.

 design optimization of bare tube heat exchanger for the ...
TY - JOUR. T1 - Design optimization of bare tube heat exchanger for the application to mobile air conditioning systems. AU - Lim, Hongyoung. AU - Han, Ukmin

 application of bifurcated bare-tube heat exchanger on ...
Huang et al. proposed a finless bifurcated bare tube heat exchanger that was inspired by nature (2016b, 2017b). The two key design points of this new heat exchanger are: (1) finless design with small diameter tube and (2) bifurcated tube. Finless designs using bare tubes with hydraulic diameter less than 1 mm can exceed the air-side heat transfer

 energies | free full-text | experimental and numerical ...
Horizontal bare tubes with different arrangements (i.e., single tubes and especially tube bundles) are immersed in fluidized amine layered particles with a mean diameter of 650 μ m which are used in the adsorption industry as adsorbent.

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