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 produzione batterie a tubo alettato, scambiatori a fascio tubiero, air ...
Products of LONGONI Batterie a tubo alettato, Scambiatori a fascio tubiero, Air cooler, Serpentini, scambiatori elettrici, Vari-Insiemi. Il progetto è accuratamente analizzato e ottimizzato per ottenere la corretta utilizzazione dei materiali per resa e durata negli anni... Scarica il Certificato ISO 9001:2015 SCAMBIATORI DI CALORE A TUBI ALETTATI

 manufacturer producer air-cooler - europages
Netherlands. Van West Koeltechniek BV has been specialized in cooling technical production since 1923. We produce cooling systems, more specifically air, liquid and water chillers. We produce compact water coolers as part of coffee machines, but also as flow-through and drinking water machines.

 vankool technology - vankool
Started by manufacturing evaporative air coolers since 2005, we take pride that Vankool products have been sold to more than 60 countries in the world. Now Vankool owns the monthly production capacity of 15000 units of air coolers,2000 units of VEAC™ , 150,000 units of fans and 30,000 of air purifiers.

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 overview of air cooled heat exchangers (with pdf)
Induced Draft Air Cooler: Forced Draft Air Cooler: 1: Air Distribution: Better distribution of air across the bundle. Less uniform distribution of air over the bundle. 2: Air Re-circulation: Less possibility of hot effluent air recirculating into the intake: Increased possibility of hot air recirculation: 3: Process Control and Stability

 industrial air cooler | commercial air cooler manufacturer ... - evapoler
Benefits : Industrial Air Coolers Improves indoor air quality by removing dust, fumes & odours. Improves productivity in industries through 100% fresh, clean & cool air. Low Capex & Opex. Industrial air coolers are Cost Effective and Energy Efficient. Consumes upto 80% less electricity than refrigerated air conditioning.

 air cooled heat exchangers | baker hughes
Overview. Our air coolers and heat exchangers have been at the forefront of industry popularity and performance since the late 1960s. Our first high-tech, pipe-and-bend heat exchanger was in the early 1970s for sweet gas with pressure slightly over 300 bar. Our latest applications are for more than 650 bar with H 2 S content as high as 18%.

 top air cooler manufacturing companies [list] - matchory
In dry, dry climates, the installation and operating costs of an evaporative cooler can be much lower than in cold air conditioning, often by 80%. Fog systems, water pump mist spraying systems operate under fog systems by forcing water through a high-pressure pump and hoses through a brass and stainless steel mist nozzle with an opening of about 5 microns, creating a micro-fine mist.

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