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 produzione di aircooler a cernusco sul naviglio - milano
air cooler Pensati, progettati e prodotti per il riscaldamento di ambienti industriali, si contraddistinguono, da sempre, per durata ed efficienza. Realizzati con tubi ad alettatura spiroidale e lamellare esistono nelle versioni elettrica, vapore, acqua e olio diatermico.

 air cooler production - longoni-engineering.com
production oil&gas air cooler - riem italy Production Oil&Gas air Cooler RIEM ITALY produces air-coolers for the oil & gas industry – based on design or using a sample. We are able to fulfil every necessity with regards to dimensions, working pressures and kind of material.

 air cooler lab – evaporative air cooler manufacturer in china
Evaporative Air Cooler Manufacturing from Factory’s Direct. Aircooler Lab brings your product designs to life and can serve as your complete manufacturing services solution. Specialists in Production of Evaporative Air Cooler, Swamp Air Cooler, Home Cooling Fan For use in Workshop, Factories, Warehouses, Public, Grow Room, Office, Home and more

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 cooler production - longoni engineering
oil cooler production - longoni-engineering.com oil cooler production - longoni engineering The oil cooler development process includes an in-house test series, where the oil cooler is pressure-impulse tested with 100,000 impulses at a pressure of up to 10.0 bar. produzione di aircooler a cernusco sul naviglio - milano AIR COOLER.

 air coolers - www.guentner.eu
Production Brazil Production Russia Headquarters Germany Production Indonesia Production Mexico 6 7. Based on extensive experience in the field, the Group has established an especially diverse range of ... Air cooler in flat design with blow-through fans – ideal for commercial refrigeration 0.6 – 14 kW Options / Accessories

 air coolers
Increasing the hourly production; Constantly maintaining parameters of production; Possibility of air cooling to low temperatures; Control of the air temperature with a tolerance of ±0.4 °C; Wide possibility of use with several different airflow and air temperatures; Limited consumption of condensation water; Reduced energy consumption

 air coolers condensers dry coolers special products
Dual discharge air cooler REDC / RGDC / RBDC Air coolers Air coolers Industrial cubic unit coolers for medium and big storage cold rooms with volume from 200 to 2500 m3. This range of air coolers has devel-oped for heavy duty for cooling and storage of fresh or frozen food with temperature from -40 to +20°C. 15 – 167 kW Main features:

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