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 steam condenser: basics, parts, advantages and disadvantages - linquip
A steam condenser is a closed vessel-type heat exchanger applied to convert low-pressure exhaust steam from the turbine to water. A steam condenser is a mechanical device employed to condense exhaust steam of the turbine into the water. It conducts this process with the help of cooling water that circulates inside it from the cooling tower.

 deca - industrial heat exchangers - italy
MADE IN ITALY. SHIPPED WORLDWIDE SINCE MORE THAN 60 YEARS. We produce high profile custom heat exchangers since 1959. Our job is to help companies find the best heat exchange solution for their industrial processes. Product range includes air heaters, gas coolers, steam condensers, oil coolers and other equipment for thermal processes, produced ...

 (pdf) review of opportunities for steam condenser ... - researchgate
Abstract and Figures. Steam surface condensers are an inevitable part of the equipment in the in the power plants working in the Rankine cycle. A performance of the steam condenser as a heat sink ...

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 steam generation thermodynamics 101 - power engineering
It’s therefore worthwhile to address a few fundamentals of steam production. ... at 1,000,000 lb/hr steam flow, a rise of 1 psia in the condenser backpressure equates to a loss of 36,300,000 Btu ...

 energy and exergy analysis of the steam power plants: a comprehensive ...
The combustion of fuel in steam power plants generates heat for onward steam production; thus, it is ideal to have good knowledge about the basics of fuel combustion. ... Characteristics of various parameters affecting the thermal performance of steam condenser in thermal power plants for different operating scenarios were discussed.

 steam turbine condensing | alfa laval
Tailor-made to condense steam at subatmospheric pressures, the AlfaCond is a semi-welded plate heat exchanger capable of handling condensation duties up to 20 MW. This makes it the perfect choice as main condenser for smaller power plants. It features a highly efficient roller-coaster plate pattern, unique distribution of inlets for the steam ...

 steam rankine cycle - an overview | sciencedirect topics
Steam Rankine cycle is known as one of the main power-generating cycles, which consists of four key devices, namely a boiler (heat exchanger), a steam turbine, a condenser (heat exchanger), and a pump, as illustrated in Fig. 28.This cycle needs heat input for the boiler either by burning fossil fuels, such as oil, coal, and natural gas, or by obtaining the necessary heat from renewable energy ...

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