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 steam condenser production - longoni engineering
steam condenser production - longoni engineering steam condenser: types, working principle, advantages [pdf] Working of Steam Condenser. The steam condenser receives exhaust steam from one end and gets in contact with the cooling water flowed within it form the cooling tower.

 steam condenser: definition, functions, working principle ...
Inside a steam condenser, there is a flow of cooling water which is continuously circulating from condenser to cooling tower and cooling tower to the condenser. So when exhaust low-pressure steam comes from the turbine and passes through the condenser, it (steam) gets condensed to water, as the steam loses the heat, the extracted heat from the steam is carried out via the circulating cooling ...

 steam condenser: basics, parts, advantages, and disadvantages
Steam Condenser Advantages Given that there are different types of steam condensers, we will explain their advantages separately. Direct Contact-type Steam Condenser The design of these condensers is simple. The construction of these condensers is cheap. Surface Steam Condenser No mixing occurs in surface condensers.

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 steam condenser | types , function , diagram , advantages
Steam Condenser | Types , Function , Diagram , Advantages Introduction. Steam condensers are devices in which the exhaust steam from the steam turbine is condensed by means of cooling water. Condensation can be done by removing heat from exhaust steam using circulating cooling water.

 what is steam condenser - complete explanation ...
What is Steam Condenser – Complete Explanation. Steam Condenser is a mechanical device that converts the low-pressure exhaust steam from the turbine into water. Or in other words, it is a device that is used to condense exhaust steam of the turbine into water. It does so with the help of cooling water circulated into it from the cooling tower.

 power plant and calculations: steam condenser,vacuum and ...
Exhaust steam temperature = 42 °C. From steam tables, partial pressure of steam at exhaust temperature Ps = 0.084 kg/cm2. Maximum obtainable vacuum by considering atmospheric pressure as 1.033 kg/cm2. = 1.033 - 0.084 = 0.95 kg/cm2. Vacuum efficiency = (Actual vacuum in condenser X 100)/Max.

 specifying steam surface condensers
steam condenser vacuum of approximately 4 in. Hg abs., which is equivalent to a condensing temperature of 125.4F. Thus, referring to Fig 1 and presuming that 85F cooling water is supplied to the system from the cooling towers, water temperature into the steam condenser is approximately 95F. Assuming a turbine steam rate of 14-16 lb per hr per

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