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 steam condenser production - longoni engineering
How a Steam Condenser Works: Steam condensers operate by using cold tap-water to condense the steam from your boil kettle back into water and into a bucket or suitable drain.

 global supplier of steam condensers and related technology
The 35,945 square- foot condenser includes extraction piping for the steam host, provisions for high makeup and steam dump. In the final stages of completion, this 79,280 square-foot twin shell side exhaust condenser will serve a 125 MW steam turbine at a 340 MW combined cycle installation.

 steam condensers: components and classification ...
A steam condenser is a closed vessel which is maintained at low pressure, lesser than atmospheric pressure. The condenser acts as a heat exchanger where exchange of heat occurs between steam and cold circulating water. In this system, heat rejection at atmospheric temperature takes place by condensing exhaust steam from prime mover.

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 c.a.m.p.i. production department - steam condenser, vacuum ...
C.A.M.P.I. Production department C.A.M.P.I. site comprises a large covered area and uncovered area for the construction, handling and preparation for shipment of vessels, even of middle-big sizes. The total area of site is about 22500 m2, of which 500 are destined to the storage of the received goods and 4000 dedicated to the manufacturing area.

 (pdf) steam condenser - researchgate
In down flow surface condenser, the steam enters from the t op as shown in Figure 6. The exhaust . steam is forced to flow downwards over the water tubes due to suction of the ex trac tion pump at.

 steam turbines | power generation | siemens energy global
The scope of supply includes a steam turbine of approximately 75 MW power output, condenser, generator and turbine controls. The equipment will be installed at biomass power plant which Hirohata Biomass Power Generation Co., Ltd. drives to develop in Hirohata, Himeji city, Hyogo, Japan.

 condensers for steam power plants | ge steam power
Steam • Heat Exchange ... And over the past 35 years, we have retrofitted more than 70 condenser tube bundles and set a record of 19 days for a 900-MW NPP retrofit thanks to our service expertise. Higher performance and reliability. Features a patented tube bundle design (the Daisy bundle) ...

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