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 direct observation of large electron–phonon interaction effect on ...
Open access. Published: 27 November 2020. Direct observation of large electron–phonon interaction effect on phonon heat transport. Jiawei Zhou, Hyun D. Shin, Ke Chen, Bai Song, Ryan A. Duncan,...

 thermal lagging in multi-carrier systems - sciencedirect
Thermal lagging in multi-carrier systems - ScienceDirect. Volume 52, Issues 5–6, February 2009, Pages 1206-1213. Thermal lagging in multi-carrier systems. Da Yu Tzou a. , Weizhong Dai b. Add to Mendeley. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ijheatmasstransfer.2008.08.029Get rights and content. Abstract.

 thermal protection materials: development, characterization and evaluation
Introduction. NASA Ames focused on: Qualifying and certifying TPS for current missions. Developing new TPS for upcoming missions. Approaches to TPS development differ with risk — crewed vs. robotic missions: Crewed. Loss of life must be avoided What must be done to qualify and certify TPS? Robotic missions.

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 reliability modeling of multi-carrier energy systems
Markov model. Nomenclature. e, c, t. subscript denoting electrical, chemical and thermal energy, respectively. α, β. variables for the input and output energy carrier, respectively; α, β ∈ [ e, c, t] A α β. transition rate matrix for the connection from α to β. A β. transition rate matrix for the supply of β. c α β.

 local energy markets for thermal-electric energy systems considering ...
Local energy markets for thermal-electric energy systems considering energy carrier dependency and energy storage systems. Thanh Huynh a b. , Franziska Schmidt c. , Sebastian Thiem, Martin Kautz, Florian Steinke b. , Stefan Niessen a. Add to Mendeley. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.segy.2022.100065 Get rights and content.

 “hot” electrons in metallic nanostructures—non-thermal carriers or ...
What happens to electrons in a metal when they are illuminated? This fundamental question has been a driving force in the shaping of modern physics since the discovery of the photoelectric effect.

 thermal lagging in multi-carrier systems | request pdf - researchgate
Jianhua Zhou. Yuwen Zhang. J. K. Chen. View. Show abstract.

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