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 thermal energy storage | carrier air conditioning, heating and ventilation
For energy demand management and sustainable approach to intelligent buildings, Carrier propose Thermal Energy Storage technology (TES) by latent heat. Shift your electricity consumption from peak to off peak hours The TES technology consists of Phase Change Materials (PCM) used to store in nodules the cooling thermal energy produced by chillers.

 thermal transfer systems
Thermal Transfer Systems Inc. was founded in 1978. Since our inception, we have been dedicated to offering one of the most complete product offerings available for industrial heat exchangers and exhaust silencing equipment. When a customer chooses to work with Thermal Transfer Systems Inc. they are opening the door to: Sound engineering selections

 what is geothermal? - carrier
Geothermal systems use an underground loop system to tap into the consistent ground temperature to efficiently heat and cool your home. There are four types of loop configurations: horizontal, vertical, pond loops and loops that tap into well water. See below to discover the configuration that will be right for your home. 1. Horizontal Loops

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 energy carrier - an overview | sciencedirect topics
As energy carriers are produced and consumed in the network of interconnected thermal processes, the thermodynamic rationalization realized in one thermal process influences the energy balances of other processes. From: Energy Optimization in Process Systems and Fuel Cells (Second Edition), 2013 View all Topics Add to Mendeley Download as PDF

 thermal oil heating systems - pirobloc
An industrial heating system with thermal oil works through a coil using a combustion chamber. The coil takes the energy from the combustion using the system of oil pumped through it at low pressure. The thermal fluid enables the coils to be heated and, in this way, the heat is indirectly transferred to a consumer, through a hydraulic circuit.

 hvac system design software | carrier commercial systems north america
Thermal loads are calculated using the ASHRAE® Heat Balance load method. System components are sized using System-Based Design, which tailors sizing procedures to the specific system type. Energy modeling uses full 8760 hours-per-year analysis to evaluate the operation of a wide variety of HVAC system types.

 heating & cooling systems & products | carrier residential
The Dynamic Carrier Difference We’re innovators in HVAC, bringing you the industry’s leading technology – reliable, efficient solutions for your home heating, cooling, and air quality needs. We’ve engineered our heating and cooling systems with you in mind—our quality is an integral part of who we are, and we want to share that with you.

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