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 tube expanders, tools and machinery for heat exchangers - maus italia
Tube expanders are tools built with heat-treated alloy steels and they are characterized by their wear- and fatigue-resistance. They are composed by four main parts: the cage, the mandrel, the rolls and the collar. Tube expansion operation is a cold mechanical deformation process that achieves a tight seal between the tube and the tube sheet.

 maus italia - tube bundle insertion
During the final phase in the construction of heat exchangers, the insertion of the tube bundle inside the shell can compromise the integrity of the almost finished product. With its special BundleIn and MefShopIN machines, Maus Italia offers two original and exclusive solutions that are designed to cover the entire range of requirements. These products have been designed to meet the growing ...

 catalogs - maus italia
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 baffle (heat transfer) - wikipedia
The main roles of a baffle in a shell and tube heat exchanger are to: Hold tubes in position (preventing sagging), both in production and operation Prevent the effects of steam starvation, which is increased with both fluid velocity and the length of the exchanger Direct shell-side fluid flow along the tube field.

 steam generators, nuclear
Within the shell, the tube bundle is surrounded by a wrapper (or shroud). The tube material is usually Inconel Alloy 600 (though it would have been better to have thermally treated Inconel 690). Tube support plates, with quatrofoil holes or egg crate supports, hold the tubes in uniform pattern along their length.

 tubes and tube banks, boiling heat transfer on
Boiling on a Tube in a Bundle. Boiling on a column of tubes has been shown to yield progressively enhanced heat transfer from the lowest tube upwards due to the liquid velocity and presence of bubbles in the flow. The effect of the liquid flow is evident from Figure 2, but the influence of the vapor is complicated by the form of flow which may ...

 tube heat exchangers: in line, bem, beu exchangers - sicimi
SHELL AND TUBE HEAT EXCHANGERS. Sicimi initially started production of shell and tube heat exchangers for internal needs, when, thanks to the experience gained in thermoregulation, it decided to design and produce these units.Given the results achieved over time it came naturally to also offer this type of product to the public, certain of being able to offer a product that fully meets the ...

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