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 tube bundle heat exchanger condenser - octalsteel
Tube bundle heat exchanger is a typical heat exchanging device that make two liquid with different temperatures to exchange heat. Through the heat exchanger tank, one fluid can be cooled down and the other fluid can be heated to meet the required temperature. Tube bundle collected many groups of pipe densly packed as a radiation core, outside ...

 maus italia - products for cutting tubes and tube bundles
Band saw for cutting the tube bundle . BundleCut Evolution The standard model is for tubesheets with a diameter up to 2000 mm ( 78" ), also available the special version that can cut tube sheet diameters up to 3000 mm ( 118" ). More about BundleCut Evolution. Multi-use ...

 heat - exchangers - gbm
SPARE BUNDLES / TUBE-SHEET. Seamless or welded tubes, smooth or finned; Tube bundle U-shape or straight with stationary or Floating head, Coil pipe. Tube-sheets in Carbon Steel, Stainless steels or alloy steels, non ferrous alloy: cladded or Integral. Both the cladding (weld overlay) and the machining are performed in GBM shops.

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 catalogs - maus italia
Self-proelled tube bundle puller, remote controlled for extraction and movement of tube bundles ( on-shore ) Download here - ENG Scarica qui - IT. Mef TT 23. Entirely indipendent tube bundle puller to be mounted on the truck. Download here - ENG Scarica qui - IT. Grippul.

 shell and tube heat exchangers - thermopedia.com
Tube bundle—this comprises of the tubes, tube sheets, baffles and tie rods etc. to hold the bundle together. Shell—this contains the tube bundle. The remainder of this section concentrates on exchangers that are covered by the TEMA Standard.

 understanding tema types for shell-and-tube exchangers
The tube bundles do not have hard-to-clean U-bends, and the shell side of the bundle can be accessed as needed. Bundle replacement also is easier. In addition, like U-tube bundles, these types allow free expansion of the tube bundle based on thermal differences, and they do not cause stresses in other parts of the exchanger.

 air cooled heat exchangers
The principle component of an ACHE is the tube bundle, of which there may be many, normally comprising finned tubes terminating in header boxes. The fins are most commonly spirally wound aluminum strips 12.7 × 10 −3 m or 15.9 × 10 −3 m high and with 275 to 433 fins/m. There are two main types of wound fin which are usually known as L-fin and G-fin.

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