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 maus italia - tube expanders, tools and machinery for heat exchangers
Tecnology and innovation Mobile CNC machining center for tube expansion, end facing, grooving and TIG orbital welding. MA-2501 More about MA-2501 Portable "hi-tech" equipment and mobile stations for controlled tube rolling expansion Matex More about Matex Hydraulically-operated system for locking heat exchanger tubes using expansion Kattex Fix

 tube bundle heat exchanger condenser - octalsteel
Common use material for Tube Bundle Heat Exchanger. There are two different of tube bundles: Straight tubes and U tubes. Depending on specific requirement and application, there are following tube material options: Carbon Steel Tube : ASTM A179/ASME SA179/179M, ASTM A192, ASTM A333, ASTM A334. Alloy Steel Tubes: ASTM A213 T5, T9, T11, T22, T91.

 shell and tube heat exchangers - thermopedia.com
Tube bundle—this comprises of the tubes, tube sheets, baffles and tie rods etc. to hold the bundle together. Shell—this contains the tube bundle . The remainder of this section concentrates on exchangers that are covered by the TEMA Standard. Shell and Tube Exchanger: Geometric Terminology

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 tube bundle: the ultimate faq guide - filson filter
A tube bundle is a well packed collection of pipes you can use as a radiation core in heat exchanger device. Tube bundle They give a compact way to cool or exchange heat via a nest of tubes. Tube bundles are often housed in outer casing or a tubular shell with a constant flow of fluids moving through it.

 aerial tube bundle extractors for heat exchangers mef express ht
Home Tube bundle extraction and transportation Aerial tube bundle extractors for heat exchangers Mef express HT Mef express HT - ensure minimum downtime and protection of the tube bundle during extraction

 tube bundle extraction and transporting - alruqee
isting and movement of tube bundles Diesel or pneumatic driving units are available The mobð tube bundle puller, designed for cases of difficult access, is completely self-sufficient, as is presented as a global solution in petrochemical plants for the extraction of tube bundles. The tested rapid quick-hooking system Mef express is used for the

 catalogs - maus italia
CNC working centres and special machines designed for the manufacture of the tube bundle heat exchangers Download here - ENG Scarica qui - IT

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